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Beyond "Think Pink" - Color as a Window to the Soul, or Just a Confidence-Booster!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 09:17AM
Posted by Registered CommenterChristine Eisner in , , , ,
I was recently asked “how do you use color to boost you confidence or project a specific attitude?” It made me think a bit and I thought I’d share my thoughts:
Just as Elle Decor came from Elle magazine and Ralph Lauren Home Furnishings was the offspring of his men’s and women’s fashion, wherever we look, we see the merging of home and fashion.  Color is one of the easiest Bridges to make that happen.
Years ago, I thought I hated yellow and green.  But then I discovered the beauty of wheat and those wonderful shades of moss, celadon and sage that make me feel SO good.



Years ago, I’d never have thought these colors would sing to me in my home or my closet. Now they do.


As we change, our preferances change, and though the color wizards have a huge say in what we see on the shelves — and are followed diligently by manufacturers, designers and editors all over the world, it is still up to each of us to decide if it rings our personal bell at that particular moment, regardless of what’s on the runway.
Some seasons we hear that “brown is the new black”.  In other seasons, it’s grey or even black again:)  Fashion is fickle, to be sure — but it’s not haphazard or frivolous.  There’s a lot of psychology behind color, because it does affect how we feel and how we live.
So back to that question:
For me, black is what I wear when I want to feel confident in a safe way.  I know I can’t go wrong with black — and perhaps it harkens back to my New York roots.  But when I want to project who I really am, I go farther afield with silvers and greys, lavenders and those greens, tans and wheats that I now adore — or robins’ egg blue, which is the color of my book cover.  (After all, out of all the color options out there, I chose it to reflect the message of Comfort Living.)
But each to his own.  The lady up the street may (still) be into harvest gold and avocado green.  For someone else, it might be cobalt blue or chalk white.  Color has a HUGE  impact on how we feel… But the bottom line is that each of us has our say.
We are beyond the stage of “Think Pink”, and now it’s about finding what resonates with each of us as indivuduals.  We can become our own style icons if we have the confidence to do it.
So put on your confidence color — and go for it!



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